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Daily Reflections

Daily Reflections June 23, 2017

June 23, 2017 By: FBC Staff

Isaiah 55 The most distinguishing mark of a redeemed person is grateful, willing obedience. In bondage, there is an inability to do anything but what the slave master desires. But when someone is delivered from being hopelessly enslaved, cursed, and impoverished, the freedom opens the way to a response.  Throughout the book of Isaiah, we have seen the judgment of Israel both physically and spiritually into the hands of their enemy because of their rebellion against God. Then Isaiah tells...Continue Reading

Daily Reflections June 21, 2017

June 21, 2017 By: FBC Staff

Isaiah 53 Every time our church gathers for Good Friday, this text is read either in part or in its entirety. Every verse in this chapter paints a beautiful picture of how Christ saved His people. I would love to know how much Isaiah understood of this prophecy as he wrote it. Remember, he lived and ministered 700 years before Jesus was even born. God spoke to him of a future suffering servant who would bring deliverance by means of a sacrificial death. Was Isaiah given a glimpse of Christ on...Continue Reading

Daily Reflections June 16, 2017

June 16, 2017 By: FBC Staff

Isaiah 48  In chapter 47, Isaiah meditates upon the fall of Babylon. Now, in this chapter, he considers the departure of Israel back home. God’s people have some sense of joy and release but the prophet provides a very insightful context that every Christian should consider. There are two things in the first half that is very relevant to all of us. Isaiah reveals the inauthenticity of the Israelite people. They were called Israel, they came from a great land, they swore by the name of...Continue Reading

Daily Reflections June 14, 2017

June 14, 2017 By: FBC Staff

Isaiah 46 Historically speaking, there are three significant empires that play prominent roles in the book of Isaiah. Understanding the way in which these nations exist in relation to one another and in relation to Israel helps us to understand this book and its imagery. Assyria is the first of the three. She is a mighty, terrorizing force who destroys the Northern Kingdom of Israel and comes all the way to the walls of Jerusalem in the South. Hezekiah, King of the Southern Kingdom of Judah,...Continue Reading

Daily Reflections June 9, 2017

June 09, 2017 By: FBC Staff

Isaiah 41 Our world is full of things that can terrify us. It is not hard for us to be overwhelmed and feel powerless. There may not be a real threat of physical war like the people of Israel experienced like in this chapter. But many of us, especially as evangelical Christians, can identify with the feeling of being fearful in having this hostile world pressing against us. We will inevitably have this experience if we are true believers. Thankfully, this chapter in Isaiah gives us some...Continue Reading

Daily Reflections June 7, 2017

June 07, 2017 By: FBC Staff

Isaiah 39 Today’s text brings us to a tragic turn of events in Hezekiah’s reign. Up until this point, his kingship has been an example of wisdom, humility and prayerfulness. Facing the death threats of a terrifying Assyrian army, rather than surrendering in fear, Hezekiah wisely brought the plight of his people before the Lord. God defeated king Sennacherib and sent an angel to destroy the army camped around the walls of Jerusalem. This same resolution in prayer was on display when Hezekiah...Continue Reading

Daily Reflections June 2, 2017

June 02, 2017 By: FBC Staff

Isaiah 34 Isaiah 34 is a chapter that many skeptics will use in isolation to say that God is a monster. It is also a chapter that many Christians and pastors skip over so they do not have to wrestle with the hard truths that it unearths. However, in the first verse Isaiah proclaims that all should hear and pay attention. This declaration of judgment ought to be heard, but we should be reminded that this is not the first summons to hear. In chapter 33, the people were told to pay attention to...Continue Reading

Daily Reflection May 31, 2017

May 31, 2017 By: FBC Staff

Isaiah 32 One of the things that strikes me as I study God’s Word each day is how often hope and destruction are presented side by side. Take, for example, Isaiah 32. This is the first chapter since Isaiah 28 which has not started with the word “Woe.” The preceding chapters warned of the incoming judgement upon the Southern Kingdom of Israel. Rather than trusting in God, they had placed all their trust in Egypt. Their foolish leaders had turned their hearts from the Lord, and they were about...Continue Reading

Daily Reflections May 26, 2017

May 26, 2017 By: FBC Staff

Isaiah 27 It is often helpful when reading the Old Testament to notice repeated words or phrases. In Hebrew, this was often how they indicated transitions of thought and emphasis in theme. For this chapter, the repetition of “in that day” may help to see the main points the author wants to convey. 1.  God will be victorious (vs. 1). God’s fierce, great, powerful sword would battle against the twisting, fleeing, beastly Leviathan. Leviathan was a water-beast that was a symbol of a great...Continue Reading

Daily Reflections May 24, 2017

May 24, 2017 By: FBC Staff

Isaiah 25 Chapters 24 to 27 are the resounding climax to the judgement oracles that began in chapter 13. In the earlier oracles, individual nations that existed in Isaiah’s day were listed and their incoming judgement was announced. In chapter 24, there is a strong shift to a final, culminating judgement that will fall on the world. The holiness, the righteous indignation, and the wrath of God are all on full display. One of the key themes we must acknowledge in the judgement oracles is that...Continue Reading