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Daily Reflections August 18, 2017

August 18, 2017 By: FBC Staff

Jeremiah 47 Jeremiah 47 continues the oracles against the nations. The purpose of these oracles is to establish God as the Lord over all nations of the world. He is the God of Israel but all kingdoms rise and fall by the hand of God. Here, the Philistines are in view. Although they are mentioned in a few stories in the Old Testament, many remembering them from the popular story of David and Goliath, and giving us the current name Palestine, the Philistines eventually disappeared from biblical...Continue Reading

What Is (Saving) Faith?

August 16, 2017 By: Paul Carter

A person is saved by grace alone, through faith alone, because of Christ alone. Every word of that sentence is important, but one of those words is rather hard to define. What do Christians mean when they talk about being saved by “faith”? Most of us assume that the word ‘faith’ is more or less synonymous with the word “believe,” but the Bible is careful to communicate that it is not. The Apostle James says: “Even the demons believe—and shudder!” (James 2:19 ESV). Keep reading...Continue Reading

Daily Reflections August 16, 2017

August 16, 2017 By: FBC Staff

Psalm 20-21 In popular music there are love songs, anthems, and ballads. The ancient Hebrew people used different types of psalms in their worship including royal psalms, laments, and thanksgiving psalms.  Today we are looking at two Royal Psalms; a Royal Psalm is about the Davidic monarchy. Beyond the rule of the earthly king, these also have messianic overtones; that is to say they speak of the eternal reign of Jesus Christ. These two Psalms form a pair - they reflect two sides of a...Continue Reading

Daily Reflections August 11, 2017

August 11, 2017 By: FBC Staff

Jeremiah 39 Jerusalem finally fell to the Babylonians after one and a half years of siege. The city was burned, the walls were torn down, and the leaders were deported to Babylon. 2 Kings 25 gives the detailed narrative of the account that Jeremiah is relating here. The day had come when the prophecies of Jeremiah, since the first chapter till now, concerning Jerusalem came true. Although God used Jeremiah to relentlessly warn the people, they refused to listen. So, God fulfilled what he...Continue Reading

Daily Reflections August 9, 2017

August 09, 2017 By: FBC Staff

Psalm 10 Psalm 10 is a lament that also affirms great confidence in God’s judgments. It can be broken down into the following 4 divisions:  1.  The Great Questions (10:1) The heavily burdened Psalmist presents his complaint to the Lord:  Why, O Lord, do you stand far away? Why do you hide yourself in times of trouble? (Psalm 10:1 ESV) Humanity has long been disturbed by the problem of evil. Instinctively we know that this world is not as it should be. We...Continue Reading

Daily Reflections August 4, 2017

August 04, 2017 By: FBC Staff

Psalm 1 Psalm one opens with the words, “blessed is the man.” These words should immediately grab the reader’s attention. The Psalmist is about to describe the person whom we should all desire to be, so we will want to pay close attention to the description that follows. The description begins with the negative in verse 1. We are told three things that the blessed person does not do. 1. The blessed person does not walk in the counsel of the wicked. 2. The blessed person does not stand in the...Continue Reading

Daily Reflections August 2, 2017

August 02, 2017 By: FBC Staff

Mark 15 The words of the prophet hang over Mark 15 - the darkest day of human history. On that Good Friday, the sin of men and wrath of God were laid upon the sinless Son of God. For our sake he became sin that we might become the righteousness of God. The Son of God gave his life as a ransom for many. Though Jesus could have called more than 72,000 angels to his defense, he endured the cross, resolved to fully drink the cup of the wrath of God. This was the price of our redemption. Isaiah saw...Continue Reading

Daily Reflections July 28, 2017

July 28, 2017 By: FBC Staff

Jeremiah 24 In Jeremiah 24, the prophet is given a vision of two baskets. They are both laid before the temple but one was filled with good figs and the other with bad figs. We are given the context of this vision to help us understand its meaning: Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, laid siege to Judah in 597, took king Jeconiah along with many of the leaders of Judah prisoner, and set up Zedekiah as a puppet-king of the remaining people of Judah. The king and others who were exiled to Babylon...Continue Reading

Daily Reflections July 26, 2017

July 26, 2017 By: FBC Staff

Jeremiah 22 In a modern-day court hearing, an offender is brought before the judge and the laws he has broken are read. After his actions are held up before the law, the defendant receives his sentence. Understandably, one should be made aware of his transgression so that he can understand the justice in his punishment. In today’s text, God speaks through Jeremiah and puts the kings of Judah on trial. In verse three we are told what God requires of the leaders of His people: Thus says...Continue Reading

Daily Reflections July 21, 2017

July 21, 2017 By: FBC Staff

Jeremiah 17 No serious reader of Scripture can utter, “people are generally good”. The repeated narrative of moral failure throughout the Bible counters this notion. Further, we are given clear texts that exposes the fact that our sin is real, deep, and damning. Jeremiah gives us a vision of human sinfulness as he speaks of the sin of Judah. Their sin is not characterized as lapses of judgment or behavioral and ethical faux pas. In the first verse of this chapter, Jeremiah metaphorically...Continue Reading